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Programming (lessons, lectures) –  DataBases

Information provided on this SubWebSite is generally accessible only for the system administration team and under exclusion of the public. – This SubWebSite is in Intranet functionality inside the Internet functionality of the WebSite: this information is provided in a protected area (access via username/password) or even provided only on the private but not on the public server.

WebSiteStatus – Relevant, for this WebSite decisive variables are presented, especially all session variables und the folder structure with all files contributing to the implementation of this WebSite.

WebSiteAdmin – This SubWebSite is reserved for administration functions of this WebSite.

Documentations – Selected lessons and glossaries, the documentation of the implementation and use of special docs4u projects and other technical information is categorized under this rubric; especially those tools used for implementing this WebSite may be presented here (perhaps to give other "Non-Professionals" some ideas to implement their WebSite in a similar way).
The documentation is mostly in German, translation into English may follow if required.

DataBases – Structure and administration of the databases implemented for this WebSite and other docs4u projects are presented and handled.

Suggestions, criticism und similar please send via eMail to the editor of this SubWebSite:

editor: (Internet) (eMail)

Many thanks in advance.

Because this project is to be established with rigorous attention to detail, only in private initiative of our own, without any financial support of a third party, you have to be patient with us. There is a lot of material already in existence, but it has to be inspected and has to be incorporated critically for "Web-like" presentation.

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