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WebSite News

WebSite News

With publication of version 2014 we introduced an new category WebSite News. On this page we publish the evolution of this WebSite (like a diary) and other version independent information, connected with this WebSite.

Information specific to the current version under Latest hints... in the info sidebar (left)!

Important reference!
All functions of our WebSite are exclusively domestic developments, no implementations of other organizations are used. Our WebSite therefore is not financed by any advertising; there is no direct/indirect advertisement for any other organizations.

WebSite ( version 2014 now online!

Taufkirchen, 2015-01-11

WebSite version 2014 now online! – With the aim of a more strict distinction between WebSite content and WebSite organization was reorganized. In addition the navigation functionality was enhanced (secondary navigation left), new books Alps und neue pages, this one und WebSite Status established, additionally the Taufkirchen Album expanded.

Taufkirchen, 2014-03-02

We introduced two new books St. Johannes der Tufer in Taufkirchen und Taufkirchen Pfingstspaziergang as well as enhanced the book Romanik in Deutschland (Taufkirchen near Munich). Further supplements may follow in irregular chronological sequence. For a pivileged team we made a first File Upload (Demo–)Version with which files can be uploaded directly in the WebSite '' .

Taufkirchen, 2014-02-04

Our book Romanik in Deutschland we expanded with views from Hildesheim and Valdorf in Vlotho/Weser. Further supplements may follow in irregular chronological sequence.

Taufkirchen, 2014-01-14

Our book Romanik in Deutschland we expanded with Romanesque illustrations of Speyer, Petersberg (rural district Dachau), Petersberg (rural district Rosenheim), Markt Indersdorf und Scheyern (Bavaria). Further supplements may follow in irregular chronological sequence. The table of contents demonstrates: the book pages are now ordered according to the geographical location. The new ordering may help easier to find shown objects (churches, monasteries, castles,...).

Taufkirchen, 2014-01-07

Our book Romanik in Deutschland we expanded with Romanesque illustrations of Gernrode, Bad Gandersheim and Corvey/Weser. Further supplements may follow in irregular chronological sequence. The table of contents demonstrates: the book pages are ordered according to their date of taking of photographs. If more than one image is shown the oldest date defines the book page order. Regarding the geographical location or date of origin the book page order is arbitrarily.

Taufkirchen, 2013-12-30

The category »History/Lectures« has been opened with two new books: Zur Geschichte des Mittelalters und Karolingische Torhalle Frauenwrth . The first book, essentially a reprint of my textbook at school published 1956, deals with the historical background of many in particular pictured representations of this WebSite. The second book gives a short guide to the Carolingian gate of the monastery Frauenwörth on the isle of Frauenchiemsee in the Chiemsee lake.

Taufkirchen, 2013-10-12

We started to work for our book Software Tools in PHP with a first chapter now completed. This book follows the books Software Tools und Software Tools in Pascal by Brian W. Kernighan und P.J. Plauger, examples to put efficient and well-structured software development into practice. This book will be expanded with some fundamental techniques of Web implementation. But be patient, to bring this book to a conclusion will take a long time! This is just a very first chapter.

Taufkirchen, 2013-14-11

Our book Romanik in Deutschland we slightly expanded: besides Romanesque illustrations of Lorsch and Michelstadt-Steinbach you now may detetct further illustrations of Fischbeck/Weser and Möllenbeck/Weser. Further supplements may follow in irregular chronological sequence.

Taufkirchen, 2013-21-10

The WebSite has been completely re-organized und re-structured, particularly the table driven layout has been replaced by a template subdivided into predefined areas, table dimensions no longer have to be computed while page presentation is going to be displayed. The whole WebSite itself is now organized in a strict hierarchical SubWebSite structure as well known from the UNIX file system.

Functional extensions have been implemented with the introduction of a footer for each displayed page. Besides this there is now a Search Document function w/ a whole text search oriented towards the Google search functionality (but of course much more simpler), the new Sitemap function generates SubWebSite indices (identifications) with corresponding hyperlinks and gives you in this way quick access to all pages.

All pages are based on ISO-8859-1 (Latin-1) character set, switch to Unicode character set because of compatibility considerations (older browsers) set has been omitted. is to be understood as a small library of books, the homepage, the homepage '' now indicates the list of library contents. Click on a book title enables a direct book access.

All books with a series of pictures (e.g. 'The Romanesque period in Germany', 'Baltic States', 'Friaul 2004') now contain an automatic slide show. Click on the projector icon on the book cover enables starting the slide show. Many book pages with pictures (currently 'Baltics' and 'Gdansk • Mazurskie') enable you to look on the picture an enlarged format. Click on the picture, you want to see enlarged.

This fundamental revision does not exclude errors, just after putting into service. Please have sympathy and report dicovered defective behaviour to the Webmaster… . Many thanks in advance!

Taufkirchen, 2013-03-01 (Last Update: 2013-03-05)

We started integrating travel reports (Poland w/ West Prussia und the southern East Prussia, Russia w/ the northern East Prussia, the Baltic States Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) and presentations of architectural monuments of the Romanesque period in Germany into our WebSite All those documentations will be more and more completed due to time availability.

Taufkirchen, 2008-07-07

The new LogFile System version (v08.003), module of the WebContent oriented WebSite Management System (WCoMS) is now released. The access frequency distribution to and inside the different SubWebSites can be computed easier now; (also possibly illegal) access to privileged (protected) Subdomains (protected pages) can be detected now much more easier.

Taufkirchen, 2008-28-05

We extended the user management of the WebContent oriented WebSite Management System (WCoMS) – integrated into as component of the WCoMS database management (user management for controled data access):

Setup of new user entries [setusr] in the UserProfile Database.
Special provisions are prepared for the system administrator with his higher privileged access- and update rights.

Delete user entries [delusr] in the UserProfile Database.
Special provisions for the system administrator: system administrator entry cannot not be deleted.

Update of user information [chpwd] in the UserProfile Database.
Each user only can update his own password, required for access to protected areas within; the same is valid for the system administrator, he only can update his own password, cannot update passwords of other users.
Because all passwords are encrypted: If a user has forgotten his password, he or the system administrator has to delete the corresponding entry in the UserProfile Database [delusr] and afterwards to prevail upon the system administrator to setup a new entry [setusr]. Following the user can replace the password defined by the system administrator with his personal password not known by the system administrator [chpwd]. – Dealing with additional user specific information or comments is prepared, may be introduced if required.

Part of user management is user control while working and accessing in protected areas (refer to news 2007-15-12 below):


To work in protected areas, to access to protected data, legitimated users have to login first [pglogon()]. To perform the login the input of the user (username, password) will be checked by the system.


Each user is given the opportunity for accurate logoff [pglogout()]. If the user forgot to logoff, after defined idle time the system will force to logoff the user.


Each protected page (e.g. each book page) is checked on legal access. If the user is not logged in (or is logged off by system after idle time) the user is pointed to the corresponding login page. Other characteristics:


To ensure different user group access to different protected areas in extensions of the user management are prepared, may be introduced if required.


Book pages for example may have different acess privileges.
Example: --»dComputer --»PHP Code --»Bd.1 Grundlagen
(dComputer = Computer in the german language branch of

Further extensive functions of the User Management and WebSiteProtection module of WCoMS are described in another place.

Taufkirchen, 2008-21-03

The photo galleries museum of local history »Wolfschneiderhof«, TaufkirchenViews and Friaul, up to now stand alone, are now integrated into the noframes-solution

Taufkirchen, 2008-17-03

We redesigned the WebSiteProtection module of our WebContent oriented WebSite Management System (WCoMS), further functionalities (protected areas, now for teams (development teams, editorial office teams), not only for System Administration; archiving encrypted passwords) have been added. At the same time bugs have been eliminated.
In addition our DataBases Administration was integrated into this WebSite and is therefore essential component of our WCoMS. DataBases Administration is especially in use for the TaufkirchenGuide/TaufkirchenWegweiser DataBases.
(Access to the different DataBase functions is currently possible only on the local–Server

Taufkirchen, 2008-02-03

The WebSite has been completely re-organized und re-structured, particularly the until now used frame technolgy was converted to an intensively used table technology for a new WebSite layout. For this a first version of our WebContent oriented WebSite Management System (WCoMS) with a specialized template engine as essential part has been developed. This system is compatible to well-known WebDesign tools (Dreamweaver,...), that means, Webpages developed by those tools should be able to be integrated in our system; with some restrictions MS Word developed WebPages too.
Further WCoMS-development will take place if required.

Now in a footer for each displayed page is provided. Besides other information a so-called »hit statistics« is integrated (language independent). Any page access of exactly the same visitor (= identical session id) is only counted, if a pre-defined time interval has been elapsed in which the visitor was given the opportunity to actually read the page. In addition the footer provides Hyperlinks to a sitemap, the impressum and the coypright hints of this WebSite (language-dependent).

New in is the sitemap. In this table of contents all menu entries of the primary navigation as well as the different secondary navigations are summarized (language-dependent) – with increasing functionality of the WebSite a valuable means.

A further aspect of the new WCoMS is the implementation of password protected areas (for system aministration and privileged team access for databases administration etc.) inside the WebSite

In this WebSite we have built in an extensive LogFile system to find out an access frequency distribution to and and inside the different SubWebSites – with regard to content important for later development.

In addition the contents of SubWebSite Computer has been revised, in particalar you will find the beginning of an online PHP lecture. The lecture will be continued depending on availabilty of the author.

Note! In principle access to the WebSite is provided by access to two different servers:


to the so-called public or remote server (, usable for all visitors and users.


to the so-called private or local server (MacOSX/apache/htdocs/). Only system administration or privileged team members (editorial staff, data bases administration) are enabled to access this server. The local server is online only parttime.
Due to data security some functions are found only w/ this server.

Taufkirchen, 2007-15-12

We started to build up our »Taufkirchen Views« (photo gallery: Taufkirchen Views with text and images):
--»Travel --»Taufkirchen --»TaufkirchenViews
(Due to our extensive material the photo gallery will now continously be extended.)

Taufkirchen, 2004-09-07

To be better prepared for future extensions, our WebSite has been completely re-organized und re-structured: new folder hierarchy, more unified style sheets, revised <meta...>–tags and so on.

Taufkirchen, 2004-05-07

New Chronological Tables, not yet finalized ("will never come to an end") but very more complete than before; and now in the '' format.

From a short trip to Cividale del Friuli, Triest and Venzone in Italy some documentation is presented. – From a historical point of view Cividale is a sight worth seeing because of its lombard history.

Taufkirchen, 2004-12-05

Find attached a completely revised and slightly extended new edition of '':
The current online edition is now with a complete bilingual navigation, layout is more uniform (chronological tables dealing with the Middle Ages are still in preliminary format, final docs4u-format will come soon), all documents in german, we did'nt find anyone so far to assist us for free in translating published information.

Taufkirchen, 2003-31-12.

General Information

On this WebSite you will find step by step WebDocuments dealing with the following topics:



Photo galleries, travel reports and others. Prefered are documents decribing historical witnesses to our specific European history about 1000 years ago together with the landscape, in which you will find architectural monuments coming from that time. The documents may encourage you to study cultural history and visit famous places where you can see it.



This catogory is intended especially to deal with the European Middle Ages (750 .. 1250) as a background for better understanding what you will see and read in the travel reports.



Tutorials, selected lessons, glossaries and other technical information is categorized under this rubric; especially those tools used for implementing this WebSite may be presented here to give other "Non-Professionals" some ideas to implement their WebSite in a similar way.

We apologize, in opposite to our original plans the setup this WebSite has been delayed and will be delayed further due to other projects we are working on; especially we like to draw your attention to our project TaufkirchenGuide... – a WebSite, on which we introduce the virtual Taufkirchen, location of our enterprise. Taufkirchen therefore will be the first main emphasis of our publication effort.

In addition to the publication of our own documents we offer this WebSite also as a platform for making public (i.e. online) your documents if the subject of your information fits well to the topic of our WebSite. Doing so you will save time and expenses for specific WebHosting of your own.

Mail us your documents in *.pdf (Adobe Acrobat), *.htm or *.html (HTML) or *.doc (Microsoft Word) format. As soon as approved we will set up your documents in our WebSite – of course with author's name and copyright.

Taufkirchen, 2003-04-18

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