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WebSite News

With publication of version 2014 we introduced an new category WebSite News. On this page we publish the evolution of this WebSite (like a diary) and other version independent information, connected with this WebSite.
In addition general information specific to the current version under General Validity… in the info sidebar (right)!
Important reference!
All functions of our WebSite are exclusively domestic developments, no implementations of other organizations are used. Our WebSite therefore is not financed by any advertising; there is no direct/indirect advertisement for any other organizations

System optimizations implemented and tested; several system errors rectified.

Taufkirchen, 2019-09-18

The WebPage Search Engine, now improved, proof-read and extended, online: first version (simple whole text search). Because of user-friendliness the search results are presented similar to Googles search results presentation (Google as de-facto standard of search engines).

Taufkirchen, 2019-01-06

Meta data specifications of the Webpage were renewed and stated more precisely, among others useful for search engines.

Taufkirchen, 2019-21-05

The book (document) 'chronological tables…' on medieval history in Europe is online again.

Taufkirchen, 2019-04-05

The book (photo gallery) 'Romanik in Deutschland…' showing examples of Romance buildings in Germany is online again in a first version and will be completed step-by-step with further examples.

Taufkirchen, 2019-08-04

With this first online version the gradual renewal of the in July 2018 because of the new European Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO) offline switched WebSite '' has been started and will be continued step-by-step.
With this version we added a DSGVO corresponding Data Privacy statement… and a so-called "breadcrump" mechnanism, to be find under the WebSite's headline. The "breadcrump" mechnanism may help to make easier the WbSite navigation and internal functions to improve WebSite-architecture and -implementation.

Taufkirchen, 2019-15-03

Effective 2018-25-05 the new European Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSVGO) came into effect. This WebSite '' ist therefore switched offline until the consequences (if there are ones) related to this WebSite are clarified; then the revised version will be switched online step-by-step.

Taufkirchen, 2018-20-07

WebSite ( Version 2014 now with GoogleMaps hyperlink to find the geographical location described in this WebSite ( In addition other Google functionalities (route planner, Wikipedia links,…) may be used for more information concerning the place interested in.

Taufkirchen, 2015-06-03

WebSite ( version 2014 now online!

Taufkirchen, 2015-11-01

WebSite version 2014 now online! – With the aim of a more strict distinction between WebSite content and WebSite organization was reorganized. In addition the navigation functionality was enhanced (secondary navigation left), new books
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