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Travelling to history by means of the computer

Rosengarten (South Tyrol)
looked out of Steinegg
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»Laurin, Der kleine Rosengarten« (South Tyrol)

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As if to say Travelling to history by means of the computer information of the areas travelling, history and computer is passed on to you: travel reports and photo albums, medieval European history, software and programming. Illustrated travel reports and photo albums of 3 decades giving a reference of the medieval European history are put in order by historical lectures dealing with the Middle Ages as a schoolboy about 60 years ago learned. These lectures therefore form the main emphasis, around which all other documents are grouped. Additional software and programming documents may help to better understand the implementation of this WebSite.
The whole WebSite is organized like a small library with some books, each book composed by different chapters, subchapters, subsubchapters and so on (a recursive WebSite machine architecture w/ hierarchically ordered WebSites is essential part of the concept of WebSite). If the chapter identifications of the (as soon as possible to be publicated) table of contents… are printed bold, the selected chapter can be accessed directly, if not, they are free definable parameters for later on to be built chapters. (The similarity with traditional book using is delibarate; this using may make the reading easier, no sophisticated internet knowledge ist required.)

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